Sugarcane Bagasse Disposable Plates Set Brown Party Disposal Biodegradable

Number of Items: 25


About This Item:
  • Material: Bagasse
  • Brand: VIK
  • Colour: Brown
  • Occasion: Wedding, Birthday
  • Shape: Square
  • Product Care Instructions: Microwave Safe
  • Size: 9"
  • Item Diameter: 9 Inches
  • Is Microwaveable: Yes

Contains : Square Plates 9 Inch, Square Plates 7 Inch, Bowls , Sporks

COMPOSTABLE - Our products are BPl-certified compostable.

DURABLE + VERSATILE - Our products can withstand hot food, liquids, and oils. Our dinnerware will not leak or Impact the taste

MICROWAVE - Our dinnerware can withstand one minutes in the microwave on a high heat setting.

BIODEGRADABLE - Our dinnerware will naturally biodegradable at home or in an industrial compost.

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