Did you know? By 2040, our environmentally destructive habits will put the planet on an altered course of history that it won’t be able to turn back from. Reusable items are one of the many ways that we can combat what’s happening. 

We started Recyite to power this new movement.

Our vision is to promote sustainability and encourage everyone to be environmentally aware and conscious of the amount of plastic that is used and discarded unnecessarily. No one likes seeing millions of pieces of plastic entering our waterways and oceans causing so many sea creatures to perish. We are here to help spread the word that we can all take one eco step towards making a more sustainable planet. Provide a platform to handmade, reusable and boutique brands.

Exclusive Product Catalogue.

We’re only partnering with brands that represent our vision of a sustainable future. Limited competing products will be available in each category (hand made,organic and reusable products) to ensure we represent the best of the industry.

Partnership Offer.

“We can help you improve our planet and being an additional avenue that provides a new revenue stream and brand awareness."