Paper Pen (Plantable Seed) - Pack of 10



Product Features:

  • Material: Recycled Paper
  • Seeds: Assorted seeds of Brinjal, Basil, Marigold, Mogra


What is plantable paper pen?

Pen made from recycled waste paper instead of trees/wood. They come with seeds fixed to one end. These can be planted once the pen has been used.

How many come in a pack?


How to plant the plantable pen?

Simply put the end with the seeds in the soil. Provide water and sunlight.

What kind of packaging do you use?

Recycled Kraft paper tubes.

Which seeds does it contain?

Assorted seeds of Brinjal, Basil, Marigold, Mogra and more

Are these ball point pens?


Is the pen body recyclable?

No. It should be disposed after use. But these are made from waste paper so they decompose, not clogging landfills like plastic.

Are these use and throw pens?


How do I know which pen contains which seed?

It is mentioned on the pen.

#ONEarth Basics:

No tree is cut in making of these pens. Instead, paper is being recycled. Additionally, you are promoting afforestation by planting of the seeds that come with these pens!

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