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Fragrance: The Perfect Fire


RAEPHA brings to you the warmth and coziness of flickering light and aromatic fragrances

Product - Xlarge 500g / Burn time upto 70-90hrs. The candles are decorated with Dried flower and Crystals. Each piece is unique and not identical. Picture for illustration only.


**TIMELESS CLASSIClnspired by upscale designer perfume fragrances.

Top Notes:Bergamot & Lemon Middle NotesJasmine, Ylang Ylang, Rose & Jasmine Base Notes: Tonka Bean, Cedarwood, Petitgrain & Patchouli

**FIFTY SHADES: Fruity Masculine Fragrance

Top Notes
:   Bergamot, Mandarin, Green Apple, Lime Middle Notes: Tobacco, Sea Spray, Rosewood Base Notes:  Patchouli, Cedar Wood, Leather, Musk


Top Notes:Cinnamon, Nutmeg Middle Notes:Cinnamon, Butter Base Notes: Vanilla Bean

**SUMMER FRUIT : Fig n Melon

Top Notes: Melon, Apple, Citrus, Pineapple Middle Notes: Wild Rose, Jasmine Base Notes: Vanilla, Musk

Cedar, Orange & Clove Fragrance Oil

Top Notes: Orange Peel, Fir Needle Middle Notes: Strawberry, Clove Base Notes: Cedarwood, Vanilla, Patchouli, Musk

**PARISIAN DELIGHT : French Pear Fragrance

Top Notes: Pear, Green Apple, Lemon Middle Notes: Sweet Cinnamon, Jasmin, Peach Base Notes: Vanilla, Sweet Clove, Musk

**JIMBARAN BREEZE : Frangipani Blossom Fragrance

Top Notes: Bergamot & Orange Middle Notes: Frangipani, Jasmine & White Lily Base Notes: Musk, Cedarwood & Patchouli

**ME,MYSELF, I: Lemongrass & Sage Fragrance Oil

Top Notes: Lemon Zest, Grapefruit Middle Notes: Lemongrass, Sage Leaf Base Notes: Cedarwood, Amber

 **CRISPY MORNING: Snow Fir Christmas Tree Fragrance Oil

Top Notes: Raspberry, Strawberry Middle Notes: Pine, Jasmine  Base Notes: Vanilla, Musk, Clove, Cinnamon

CITRUS SPLASH a beautifully blended, tangy, uplifting fragrance of fruits and naturals. 

Top notes: Iced Clementine, Grapefruit and Sheer Aldehydes  Mid notes: Eucalyptus, Cool Mint, Leafy Green and Herbals,  Base notes: Amber, Cedarwood, Oakmoss and Sandalwood

LAVENDER a gorgeous lavender bouquet 

Top notes: Crisp bergamot, chamomile Mid notes: French lavender, vetiver grass, clove leaf Base notes: Tonka bean, white cedar, blonde woods, nude musk

SANDALWOOD Sandalwood symbolizes a letting-go of the self. It is believed to promote spiritual practice, compassion, openness, and peaceful relaxation.

Top notes: Honeysuckle, geranium Mid notes: Oakmoss, tonka bean, rosewood Base notes: Sandalwood, white amber, musk, vetiver

LOTUS FLOWER is an exotic blend of lemon, geranium, jasmine, apple, pear with bottom notes of light musk, patchouli and vanilla. A very beautiful, calming scent.

Top notes: Bergamot, freesia, lemon, apple Mid notes: Lotus flower, lilac, ylang ylang Base notes: Vanilla, patchouli, musk, anis

COCONUT+LIME A luscious blend of juicy citrus fruits such as lemon and lime on a delicate heart of creamy coconut and fresh florals. Vanilla notes and sandalwood round out the blend.

Top notes: Antilles lime, lemon palm, freesia, white bergamot Mid notes: Coconut water, sugarcane, dragonfruit Base notes: Vetiver, bourbon vanilla

VANILLA Vanilla beans and tonka beans with a touch of butter and nuts.          

Top notes: Lemon cream, absolute blossom Mid notes: Raw vanilla, tonka bean Base notes: French vanilla, amber

FRANKINCENSE + MYRRH  A sweet Oriental fragrance with a combination of precious woods, spices, musk and vanilla.

Top notes: Ginger root, bergamot Mid notes: Lilac, lily of the valley, lavender, ylang ylang Base notes: Vanilla, sandalwood, frankincense, myrrh, musk

Candle Care - 

Each time you light your candle the wick should be trimmed to 5mm. If you notice throughout your burn that the candle is smoking, this could mean the wick is too long. Blow out the candle, trim the wick and re-light.

 Let your candle wax melt all the way to the edge on your first burn. If you don't, it will cause tunnelling.

 If soot forms on the inside of your candle glass, wait for it to cool and clean with a wet paper towel. Always remove any wick trimming or matches from your melt pool.

 The candle container will get hot, use a coaster or place the candle on a heat proof surface and never burn longer than 4 hours as it can compromise the jar.

 If your wick drifts to one side, it can cause excess heat to the jar and the glass may break. Each time you blow out your candle, re-centre your wick so you’ll have an even burn next time you light your candle.

 When you light a candle, you need to make sure it’s away from draughts. They can cause an uneven burn and increase smoking.

 Discontinue use of your candle when there is about 1cm of wax remaining at the bottom. Lighting the candle without enough wax in the base can cause the jar to overheat.

 When the weather is warm, just like you, a candle will sweat. This doesn’t affect the candles burn. It just means the wax and fragrance are warm and you may notice small droplets on the surface of your candle.

 Candles made with natural essential oils, fragrances, wax and wicks will incur natural changes. You may notice dips, cracks, sweating, frosting, shrinking or smoking.

 All our candles are made by hand so there will be imperfections, that just shows that they are made by hand, with love, by humans.

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