Recycled Paper Pen

Size: Pack of 10


Product Description:

Every individual has opportunities every day to make a choice towards using eco-friendly products. Saahas Zero Waste offers everyday office stationery items like books, visiting cards, A4 printing paper, desktop organisers, calendars, pens, pencils and paper bags all made from recycled paper. We can customize these products to suit your requirements. In addition to this, we help schools to make an impact by adopting/adding eco-friendly initiatives by shifting to the usage of stationary (notebooks, diaries, pen, pencil) made with recycled material. We firmly believe schools are the right place to make children aware about healthy behavior towards environment and to awaken Eco-consciousness. Paper pens – eliminates plastic, can be recycled, can be customized. One ton of recycled paper produced saves about 17 trees. One ton of paper recycled saves over 2m3 of landfill space. Recycled paper is made using 5000L of water as compared to 50,000L consumed by virgin paper. Recycled paper consumes only 25% of the electrical power and only 1/3rd of the thermal energy as compared to virgin paper. Also available with seed bulbs at the tip which grow into new plants.

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