Pack of Toilet & Bathroom Disinfectant Cleaner | Removes hard stains | Non-Toxic

Litres: 3 litres (3 refill capsules)


Product Description:

No more fuss in cleaning your bathroom fittings, tiles and floors. At Ecosys, we want to ensure that you have the best option for Bathroom Cleaner refills

Unlike other cleaning agents, Ecosys refills are 100% soluble and contain a concentrated liquid that works like magic when dissolved with water.

Plus, it is so simple to use! You just need to use your favourite spray bottle and dissolve the capsule with warm tap water.

Shake until it completely dissolves and it is ready to use after 2 minutes.

Spray a fine mist to your bathroom fittings or floor and witness the magic of Ecosys Bathroom Cleaner 100% soluble refills!

Note:Incase of hard stains, use the product multiple times for desired result

We adhere to plastic free packaging and therefore use no plastic in packing our products.

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