Liver cleanse Tea

Weight: 100 Grams


Product Description:
Why use Liver cleanse Tea?:

With the right blend of Harad(Terminilia Chebula), Milk Thistle, Manjishtha, Pippali and other Ayurvedic herbs ,this tea has the right ingredients to nourish the liver and create an effective functioning of it.

  • Harad (Terminilia Chebula): Helps the detoxification of the liver.
  • Milk Thistle: Helps relieves in conditions like cirrhosis, jaundice, hepatitis, gallbladder disorders. Also provide heart benefits by lowering cholesterol.
  • Manjistha: Reduces inflammation, flushes toxins, maintains good digestion.
  • Pippali: Helps limits the fibrosis in liver and helps improve its regeneration.

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