Cork Yoga Mat with Natural Rubber

Base: Alignment Lines


Product features:

  • Material: Eco-friendly and sustainable cork
  • Packaging: Completely Recyclable
  • Size: Mat 24*72 Inch
  • Country of Origin: India


What are the different types of Cork Yoga mats available?

There are 3 different types of mats available - Cork with recycled EVA, Cork with natural rubber, and Cork Amalgamated Rubber.

Tell me more about the 3 types of mats.

Cork with recycled EVA: Lightweight (.5kg), not suitable for use on very smooth surfaces like tiles or marble floors
Cork with natural rubber: Weight approx. 2kg, strong grip and skid free
Cork with Amalgamated Rubber: Weight approx. 2 kg, strong grip and skid free

Are Cork Yoga Mats slippery?

The lightweight recycled EVA variant is not suitable for use on smooth surfaces like tiles and marble floors.

What is the thickness of the mats?


How long do the mats last?

As long as any other mat, or even longer, provided you take care of it.

How to take care of the cork yoga mat?

Wash with a damp cloth after use. If thorough cleaning is required, use a soap solution.


#ONEarth Basics: What makes Cork a sustainable alternative to plastic?

Plastic takes over 1000 years to decompose - ergo, every plastic product ever thrown away is still there on the planet somewhere, choking landfills or oceans. And there are about 8 billion people out there.

Cork production is considered sustainable because only the bark of the tree is stripped to harvest the cork. The tree continues to live and grow. Besides, to produce 1000 cork wine-stoppers, 1.5 kg CO2 are emitted, compared to 14 kg of CO2 in plastic stoppers and 37 kg CO2 in aluminium screw caps.

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