Color-Style: Arctic Blue
Size: 1 NOS


Product features:

  • Product Name: Blend Perfector
  • Category: Makeup
  • Subcategory: Accessories
  • Product Type: Makeup-Sponge
  • Speciality: Vegan & Cruelty Free

The Blend Perfector absorbs less product and helps prevent wastage

How to Use:

Prep: Wet to completely saturate your Blend Perfector. Squeeze out excess water if any.

Blend: Glide with the curved sides to spread your product. Use the rounded bottom with a bouncing motion to complete your flawless base. Don't forget to get the hard-to-reach spots, contours and highlights with the pointed tip.

Wash: Gently squeeze the Blend Perfector under running water till clean. Refrain from using cleaning accessories that may damage the delicate microfiber structure. Dry in a well ventilated area.

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